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Tvs Repair services

I can offer TV repair. Replacement of damaged soldered elements, daily basis services, chipset replacement, dc power supply, ports, Speakers, Leds, Mainboard, T-CON boards and more. Check my offers.

Below, I have uploaded some projects. Feel free to look at it. And contact me if there is anything which I can help you with..

Krzysztof Oko

LG Smart TV – LED strips replacement, work finished successfully.

Krzysztof Oko

The replacement of the optical connector on the TV was successful, the TV works great.

Krzysztof Oko

Samsung TV 32′ – fuse, capacitor, and integrated circuit replaced, and one more success .

My Other Services

Repair of Consoles such as; XBOX and PlayStation. Repair of desktops and laptops, Tablets, Smartphones and much more. Contact me for more details.

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