PRO.COMP Services

I offer high-quality services using professional diagnostic and repair equipment; check out what I can do for you, and contact me..

Assembling Computers

I can design and build a computer set according to customer specifications.

Smartphone Repair

I Can offer professional smartphone repair, Screen replacement, Battery, USB Ports, and more.

TV repair

I can offer TV repair and diagnosis of faults, fixing DC supply, motherboard, T-CON Boards, and soldered micro components, and more.

Desktop PCs Repair

I can offer to fix and diagnose all PC faults, replace components, repair operating systems, configure, and more. Ask for details.

Soldering componnets

I can offer soldering and disordering micro components, such as micro transistors, USB ports, etc., and ask for details.


I can offer to diagnose damaged components using a microscope, oscilloscope, multimeter, and DC Power supply. For more information contact me.

Operating Systems

I can offer, Installation and configurations of operating systems; Windows, MacOS, UNIX, Linux, and Android families. For more information contact me.

Servers Installation

I can install and configure servers in the local and public network, NAS, WEB, Email and DNS Servers, For Business and Private clients. For more information contact me.

Why PRO.COMP Service

I perform each repair with particular attention to every detail. I provide a guarantee and use original parts from the manufacturer.

What You Will Get

You will receive a professionally performed service with special attention to detail, as well as guarantees and full support.

I Accept card payments

Cards payments, PC