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Website Design

Need a website for your own business?

I can create a professional-looking website for you or your business. Depending on customer requirements, this website can contain a database login function, gallery, maps, shop, and much more features. Using the website, you can advertise your company, services, yourself, and much more, which can significantly improve your sales, earnings, and number of customers.

What you will get?

Computers, Laptops, Desktop, Projects

Creating Databases

Need a database for your own business?

I can create a database for your business in MySQL and Oracle SQL; you can use it for login, users, stocks, and to store files of employees (HR and payroll) or for Bookkeeping and much more.

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Banner Design

Need a new and unique banner for your business?

I can create a professional-looking banner for a website or printing. Provide your company with appropriate advertising, gain new customers, and increase your company’s reach. With the exceptionally designed banner, you can accelerate the development and increase your company’s income.

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Social Profiles

Need a professional-looking social profile?

Nowadays, social profiles are an essential element of every business. They have millions of users and potential customers, and a well-designed profile and information are critical to support any website and increase your reach and access to customers. I can create and update social profiles for large and small businesses.

What you will get?

Flyers and business cards

Do you need professional-looking flyers or business cards?

I can create professional-looking flyers and business cards in photoshop or adobe illustrator, so if you need vector or raster graphics, I can help you with that. Today, this type of advertising is essential in every business to attract new customers and gain access to a new market.

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3D Printing

Do you need a unique and printed 3d object?

would you like to print something to see what your project will look like? or print a ready-made element? I can offer printing and design 3d objects, all objects are created in Autocad software and I am printing on Flashforge Adventurer 4. The filaments I can print with are; PLA, PETG, ABS, PC, PLA-CF, TPU, and PETG-CF.

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I perform each service with special attention to every detail, I provide a guarantee, and I use the most advanced software to create.

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You will receive a professionally performed service with special attention to detail, as well as guarantees and full support.

PRO.COMP Services

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