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Consoles Repair services

I can offer to consoles repair. Thermal paste replacement, Replacement of damaged soldered elements, daily basis services, chipset replacement, dc power supply, fan replacement, cooling system and more. Check my offers.

Below, I have uploaded some projects. Feel free to look at it. And contact me if there is anything which I can help you with..

Krzysztof Oko

PS4 – Damaged Blu Ray drive, replacement of the drive, and replacement of the chipset in the blu ray drive.

Krzysztof Oko

Console XBOX 360 – full service, Cleaning, thermal compound replacement.

Krzysztof Oko

PS4 PRO, Full service, thermal pads replaced with thermal compound, now the console is working fast and quietly.

My Other Services

Repair of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Repair of desktops and laptops, TVs and much more. Contact me for more details.

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