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My name is Krzysztof; I have been involved in computer science since childhood, I have been repairing mobile devices, consoles, TVs, and computers for eight years, but I have always loved working with graphics, animations, and creating websites. This is what I have been doing for four years in my free time. Feel free on this website; look around at what I have to offer; maybe there will be something I can help you with.

Krzysztof Oko

Founder and IT Technician in PRO.COMP Service.

My Services

Laptop Repair
Can I Fix Your Laptop?
I can repair for you a laptop, various types, Macbooks, or any other brand; I can replace components, install operating systems, replace soldered parts, diagnose any faults, install, and configure for personal and businesses, create restricted accounts, and more.
laptop, PC
Destop Repair
Can I Fix Your Desktop PC?
I can build a desktop computer for you or repair and configure it. I can replace components, install operating systems, replace damaged PCB elements, install specific software, recover data, configure it for you, and much more.
desktop PC
Mobile Repair
Can I Fix Your Smartphone?
I can repair your smartphone and replace the screen, battery, speakers, microphones, cameras, soldered micro elements, and more. Check my offer.
Smartphone, PC
TVs Repair
Can I Fix Your SmartTV?
I can repair your TV and replace many components, such as Main Board, T-CON Board, DC board, Strip Leds, Soldered components, and Speakers. Contact me, and I will see what I can do for you.
TV, PC - We Can Fix it.
Soldering Repair
Can I Fix Soldering Components, For You?
I can solder and desolder micro components using a Microscope and professional soldering stations, I can replace THT, SMT, and SMD parts, and I do most of the damage I can quickly fix for you.
Soldering Iron, PCB Component
I Can Diagnose For you Any fault.
I can diagnose Any fault in your equipment using professional diagnostic tools such as multimeters, oscilloscope, microscope, and others. Please check my service for more information.
Diagnosing, PC
Servers Installation
Do You Need a Server?
I know how to install servers and connect them to the local or public network, such as Web Server. Database Server, Email Server, Web Proxy Server, DNS Server, FTP Server, File Server, DHCP Server.
Servers, PC
Do you need a new website?
I can build your website from start to finish for you and create and transfer a domain from the old website to the new one I will make. I can also configure servers and databases so that the website has additional functions and capabilities.
WWW, earth, finger, PC
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Design Services

I Can Offer You

Do you need one of these?

Website Design

Do you need a professionally made website? With an SQL database? or a simple one? Please write to me; I can help you!.


I can create a database system on MySQL and OracleSQL that you can use for login, users, stocks, and more.

Banner Design

Do You need a new banner on your website? I know how to do it and can create a banner for you.

Social Profiles

I can create and update social profiles for large and small businesses.

Flyer and business card designs

I Can design for you professional-looking business cards and flyers, on your website or for printing.

3D Printing

I can offer printing and design 3d objects; all objects are created in Autocad software.

About Me

The PRO.COMP was established in 2015. It was founded by me, is a one-person business that has been dynamically developing for eight years. During this period, I managed to repair thousands of devices, assemble dozens of computers, and build 3 websites. 

pro.comp service, PC
MIcroscope, PC
Krzysztof Oko, PC
diagnosing equipement, PC, fixing laptops, desktops.


Don't Know What To Start With?

Get Solutions For All Problems

PRO.COMP Service

Do you need any Help?

Do you have a problem you don't know how to solve? Need help repairing devices, or need to build a website? Contact me by filling out this form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Flintshire, Bagillt, United Kingdom

Phone: 07514 345 762

Email: service@e-procomp.com

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Comment 1
Client PRO.COMP Service

Mr. Oko is a great person. He just did a desktop build for me few days ago and it performs great I'd 100% recommend his service.

Damian Dowigielo
PRO.COMP Service Client

Excellent service !!!!

Marcin Chalupka
PRO.COMP Service Client

Recommend! Very good service.

Przemek Figiel
Comment 2
Client PRO.COMP Service

I came to replace the batteries on my iPhone 7.
The exchange took about 1 hour.
I am satisfied and recommend from the heart Krzysiek is a master at what he does. Thank you again for the new battery!

Anna Grenda
Client PRO.COMP Service

I highly recommend, nice service, and everything done in a very short time!

Martin Wisniewski
Client PRO.COMP Service


Sebastian Borczyk
Comment 3

Expert 😃

Gosia Oko

Professionalism in every inch 😉 !!!

Joanna Oko

Quick, good price and excellent service with great advice for the future! Best recommendations!

Justina Taraškevičienė
Comment 4

I recommend 😊 Great service 😊

Ewelina Budziarek

You are the best IT technician I ever know 

Natalija Milos

Professional website, easy to move around and find what you looking for. Good Luck!

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I Accept card payments

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